With the support of 2,400 employees, we produce 40 million meters of woven fabrics, 5,000 tons of MVS yarn, 5 million meters of warp knit fabrics and 4,000 tons of circular knit fabrics each year.

For more than 50-year-experiences, we have been producing high-quality products that always meet the market requirements. All are possible with the support of our Research and Development Center, located in our 20-hectare integrated factory.

Daliatex Kusuma

Producing Woven fabrics, MVS Viscose & Blended Yarn, and Circular Knit Fabrics.

Intermoda Kusuma

Producing Warp Knit Fabrics.

Indachi Prima

Producing Nylon Yarn for Textile and Non-textile.

Urase Prima

Producing Polyester Woven Fabrics.